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Artist Breakfast Club with Nic Flanagan

Nic Flanagan, Connection in Crisis

For this collaborative online event, artist Nic Flanagan has written a letter inviting artists to connect with her during a time of crisis. Through the conversations and connections made over a number of weeks, the work culminated into a special performance created by Flanagan at a unique Artist Breakfast Club that was hosted via Zoom.


Flanagan is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her practice functions as a socio-philosophical conversation, often addressing angst and other socially- problematic issues. Her current practice plays mischievously with the push and pull between preservation and progression, and the greater conversation of necessary conflict in contemporary culture through performance, illustration and engagement. The ‘circle' is a unifying visual strand in her practice, acting as a signifier of space – a stage, a ring, a range of interaction or a boundary.

At this time of increased societal vulnerability as well as potential for more meaningful forms of engagement, we are delighted to host this special event.

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