Art for Blind; Out of Step

Fri. 27 - Sun. 29 May

Weekend pass €20 | Single entry €8 per event

Out of Step, curated by Art for Blind for their residency at The Model, home of The Niland Collection, will unfold through film, music performance, conversation and workshops over the weekend of 27 - 29 May.

The aim of the residency to date has been to explore the programming of artists and musicians from a diverse social, economic and geographical backgrounds. This weekender, inspired by the title of a Minor Threat track moves the residency into the realm of film offering a view from the margins, of people and places out of step with the rest of society.

The weekend makes a propulsive start on Friday 27 with a screening of the full-blooded genre film Titane (rated 18 for “strong violence, horror, sex”), the audacious sophomore feature from French maverick Julia Ducournau which took the Palme d’Or at Canne Film Festival.  Moving onto Saturday, the programme takes a gentler focus, starting the day with a screening of short films. Depth of Field, a selection of International shorts and works made in Sligo explores the interaction of film with music. Later in the evening, musician & sound artist Katie Gerardine O'Neill will take to the stage of The Model’s theatre to perform live, this event also sees the debut performance of Sligo/Leitrim collaboration EgggE hUUUs. Concluding the weekend’s activities on Sunday afternoon will be a double-header of a workshop in 16mm Direct Animation and screening of the rock-opera Dusty Stacks of Mom.

A weekend pass will be available, comprising entry to the events on Friday and Saturday, while Sunday is free. Places are limited for the workshop, so registration is required.

The full schedule for the weekend can be reviewed below.

Programme of events

Film Screening: Titane (Dir. Julia Ducournau, France, 2021, 108 mins, 18)

Fri. 27 May 8pm, €8

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Film Screening + post show chat: Depth of Field

Sat. 28 May 12pm, €8

Midnight Ramblers
(Dir: Niall Flynn, Margaret Kilcoyne, Irl, 2021, 5mins)
Lumberings of Lugnasa
(Dir: Brian Benjamin Dwyer, Margaret Kilcoyne, Irl, 2021, 4mins)
Shelly Belly Inna Real Life (Dir. Cécilia Bengolea, Fra, Arg, 2020, 24mins)
Pripyat Piano
(Dir. Eliška Cílková, Cze, 2020, 18mins)
Two Miles of Earth for a Marking Stone
(Dir. Ruth Clinton, Niamh Moriarty, Irl, 2021, 41mins)

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Music Performance: Katie Gerardine O'Neill & EgggE hUUUs

Sat. 28 May 9pm, €8

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Workshop + Film Screening: Draw, Scratch, Paint - 16mm direct animation workshop, followed by Dusty Stacks of Mom: The Poster Project (Dir. Jodie Mack, US, 2013, 41m, 16mm/DV, col., sound)

Sun. 29 May 12-3pm, Free

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