A Greenland Story

Sat. 7 May 8pm 
 Admission €10 

Ticket sales from the event will go to the Ukrainian Red Cross and Sligo Bay RNLI.

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A Greenland Story is an independent documentary set along the West Coast of Greenland. This film reveals a country and people at a crossroads between tradition and modernity. With no roads connecting its coastal communities, a boat and its Irish crew move quietly in the background giving rare access to remote villages up into the Arctic Circle. In near 24-hour daylight, sailing by vast icebergs and sharing midnight encounters with humpback whales, we are invited into homes and communities along the way. This is a celebration of Greenland’s culture, a lament for a changing climate and way of life, and a yearning for a positive future for a culture facing such uncertain times.

In a co-production, local filmmaker Vincent Monahan partnered with Dutch producer Marieke Lexmond to bring this story to life. Fueled by captain Jamie Young's experience and passion for Greenland's inspiring Inuit culture and their connection with the natural world, the crew felt it was important to tell this story during a time of such drastic change to both culture and climate. Made as a passion project, the crew, including Ciaran Lennon and Pauline Jordan from Sligo and Mayo, sailed to Greenland and back with their gear. Meeting the Dutch contingent up there, they slept and ate on board for several months in order to make the film as they sailed North.