Deaf Joe is awarded Model Music residency

One of Ireland’s most promising new artists; Deaf Joewas awarded The Model’s Music Residency this December, following an open call for applications earlier in autumn. The selection panel included the Model’s first Music Fellow John Lambert (aka Chequerboard) and Aoife Flynn, formerly Music and Events Manager at The Model. John Lambert aka Chequerboard was appointed as the first Model Music Fellow in 2007 resulting in the writing of his critically acclaimed 2008 album Penny Black.


Joe Harney is a Waterford-based musician who performs under the Deaf Joe moniker. Joe has previously played with contemporary Irish artists including Katie Kim, Deaf Animal Orchestra and XKlima but embarked on a solo career last year, with performances at Hard Working Class Heroes and Donal Dineen’s Fresh Air Festival.

Recently signed with independent Dublin-based label Delphi Records, Joe has just recorded his first full-length album, which is due for release shortly.

Joe explained his experience to date of the Residency, “The Model’s Music Residency has provided me with ample time and space to develop a stack of musical ideas, songs and recordings that I’ve had backed up for quite a while now, unable to find said time and space to work on them.

This residency has been my first encounter with The Model. Being from Waterford, Sligo is a bit far for a Sunday drive. I’m mad about the place. It’s a beautiful arts space and it’s quite an honour to be hanging around here working for a month.

The current exhibition at The Model, Angelology is something special, I’ve wandered around it a few times already. Everyone working with and for The Model that I’ve met has been hugely helpful; there’s so much to be said for a positive and friendly working environment.

My creative work-rate the past couple of weeks has been through the roof and it’s largely down to the relative isolation the residency has provided me with. It would be great to see such patronage opportunities for musicians increase in the country, based my own current experience it could only be a good thing.”

The Model’s Music Residency is a month long residency which offers a furnished apartment on site with access to a music rehearsal studio and instruments. The Model will make another call for applications to the Residency in the spring of 2011.