23 Sep. 2017

The Model is one of Ireland’s leading centres for contemporary art. We host compelling contemporary art exhibitions by international and Irish artists in our newly redeveloped suite of galleries. We are also home to Sligos municipal art collection, The Niland Collection, shown on a rotation basis. In addition to our music, education and cinema programmes, we also have eight studios for visual arts practice and a full-time, international Artist-in-Residence Programme.

  • High Winds Move Slowly

    19 Aug. - 29 Oct. 2017 / A very special two-person exhibition with Dutch artists Arno Kramer and Henk Visch. This show, which is curated and toured by the Museum De Buitenplaats in the Netherlands, marks the first time that these two artists have been brought together in one exhibition.

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  • Jack B. Yeats: Lives

    25 Mar. - 01 Oct. 2017 / This exhibition will enable audiences to trace the development of key characters in Jack Butler Yeats’ work, through an exploration of his illustrations, pencil sketches, watercolours and the iconic oil paintings of his later mature period.

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  • Eamon O’Kane: A History of Play

    Jun. - 01 Oct. 2017 / In this colourful three dimensional installation, children are invited to explore shape, colour and constructive design through imaginative and creative play.

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  • Oliver Laric

    22 Jul. - 01 Oct. 2017 / For his exhibition at The Model, Laric presents a recent film work. Composed of found and newly animated image sequences in which bodies metamorphose from one form into another, or are caught between two states, the untitled film dialogues with the consistent cultural trope of mutable identity.

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  • Artists Select: Michael Wann and Kiera O’Toole

    Aug. - 05 Oct. 2017 / Michael Wann and Kiera O’Toole are invited to select works from The Niland Collection, that resonate with their own artistic interests.

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