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Augustus John was born in Wales in 1878. He moved to London to study art at Slade School of Fine Art. He quickly became the best in his class at painting portraits. This is the art of painting people.

After school Augustus John became very well known for his portraits of famous people including one he painted of his friend W.B. Yeats.

However in the portrait below, no one knows who the people in the painting are. Do you think you can investigate the painting and figure out who these people might be?

Augustus John, Loving Companions.


Pick one person in the painting and then answer the following questions about them.

Where do you think this person is going?

What do you think this person is looking at?

How do you think this person is feeling?

What kind of clothes is this person wearing?

What kind of hobbies do you think this person has?

If you met this person what questions would you ask them?

Now that you are finished investigating the painting and finding all the clues, try to put all your answers together to create a story about the people in the portrait and who you think they might be.

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