The View From Your Window

Barrie Cooke was born in 1931 in England and grew up in America. At college, he studied art history where he learned about many great artists. This inspired him to become an artist himself so he went to a famous art school in Austria where he learned how to draw and paint nature. He liked it there because this school taught him how to think about nature in a way that he had never done before. It allowed him to be wild and creative.

He also loved to travel! He often visited places like New Zealand and Malaysia but after arriving in Ireland he decided to stay. He liked the wild and romantic landscape so much that he moved to the North West to live in south County Sligo. The place was full of beaches, mountains and magical lakes. Fishing was his special passion and when he was out fishing, he would explore the landscape day after day. He always painted what he saw from memory.

Below you can see one of Barrie Cooke’s painting of Knocknarea mountain, near Strandhill, Co. Sligo. Do you think he could see the mountain from his house in South Sligo?

Can you see a mountain from your house?


You are going to draw and paint the view from your window. This view is special because only you can see it. The view from every window is different.

What can you see outside your window? Can you see a mountain, a beach or your back garden?

Look closely at the colours you can see and using pencils, paints or crayons draw the view.

Once you have finished your drawing hang it up on the wall beside the window. Then come back to it later in the day and see if the view has changed. Maybe the colour of the sky is different? Where is the sun? If you are by the beach, has the tide come in? Is there wind and what does it look like?

Make another drawing showing all the changes you have noticed. If you like, you can create a collection of your very own View From The Window drawings by doing this every day.

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Ask a parent or guardian to take a picture of your work and share it with us. Don’t forget to sign it with your name and age. 

We will post your artwork on our website and Instagram account @modelsligo / #themodelinsideout

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