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Karen Power is a musician and composer. A composer is someone who writes music. Karen uses traditional instruments, made from wood and brass such as clarinets, flutes, piano and saxophones. She also uses sounds from everyday life for her music.  Karen listens and explores the world to find sounds for her music; sound is everywhere, like outside in the garden, at the beach, inside the house and we even make sounds when we move.

She records all these interesting sounds and puts them together to make music and unusual sound art. It can be a piece of music you might hear on the radio or a piece that you visit in a gallery, like the art piece she had in The Model which was in The Sea Around Us exhibition. For this, she used a lot of special microphones to record sounds under the sea around the Sligo coast.

Can you imagine what these watery sounds might be?

Karen Power Natural Creators

You are going to listen and explore all the sounds in your everyday life and maybe become a composer too.


While walking around your house and back garden listen to everything carefully and explore with your ears! Here are a few things to think about on your sound adventure.

What does the weather sound like today?
Is it raining?
Does the rain sound different from your window, from outside or when it hits the leaf of a tree?
Can you hear the wind?
Are there any birds singing?

Have you ever listened to the sounds of dinner being cooked?
Have you ever listened to your mom or dad crack an egg?
What is in the food cupboard, do any of the food packages make noise?
Does pasta sound the same as rice when you put it into the pot?
Choose a few different sized pots, is there a different sound when you put the lid on each?

What about how YOU sound?
Can you hear your own footsteps?
Does the sound of your footsteps change on different floors or in different shoes?
Can you hear yourself breathing?
What about your heartbeat?

Now that you have found all these amazing sounds, what happens when you put two sounds together – do you get a new sound?

Pick the thing that makes your favourite sound. Can you imagine this thing as an instrument? What kind of instrument would it be? See if you can bring it to life and ask your parent to help you.


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If you would like to explore some more, join us for Natural Creators early years sound workshop with composer Karen Power.

Tues 28 Apr, 2pm 2-4 years / 4pm 4-6 years

To be held via Zoom. You will be invited via the email address you use during booking.

Places limited, early booking advised 


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Ask a parent or guardian to take a picture or video of your instrument and share it with us at #themodelinsideout

We will post your artwork on our website and Instagram account @modelsligo / #themodelinsideout

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