Make Your Own Pirate Map

Jack B. Yeats was an illustrator, as we saw in our earlier activity Make You Own Comic Strip. He loved to make up lots of different characters and write stories of their adventures. One character that he drew over and over again was Theodore the Pirate.

Below you can see a drawing Jack B. Yeats made of a pirate map. Can you find Theodore the Pirate?

Jack's Pirate Map

Can you find any other pirates, what are their names?

How many boats can you find in his map?

How many trees can you see?

Can you find Yellow Jake’s house?

Can you find the people cooking, what do you think they are about to eat?

What else are the pirates doing on the island?

Does this look like any island you know nearby?



Make your very own pirate map of your garden or back yard.

Try and map out everything you can see including trees, plants, garden shed, dog house and even the bins!

It’s Easter Sunday in a few days! Why not try and create a treasure hunt for your siblings or parents. You can give them your pirate map to help them find where you have hidden the treasure (Easter eggs).

Or ask your parents to create a treasure hunt and get them to leave clues on your pirate map to help you find the hidden treasure.


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Ask a parent or guardian to take a picture of your pirate map and share it with us at #themodelinsideout

We will post your artwork on our website and Instagram account @modelsligo / #themodelinsideout

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