Draw Like Jack B. Yeats

Jack B. Yeats came from a very creative family. His sisters Susan and Elizabeth and his brother WB (William Butler) were famous too. William was a well-known writer, and his two sisters worked as artists and publishers. They set up the famous Coola Press in Dublin. Jack spent most of his childhood in Sligo where he lived with his grandparents. He loved Sligo and said that every painting he made “had a thought of Sligo in it”.

Jack always carried a sketchbook with him, and would do lots of drawings in it. He would draw the people and landscapes of Sligo, so that when he was back home he could use them to make paintings from.

Here are some examples of Jack B. Yeats early sketches.

Start your own sketchbook

Why not start carrying a pocket-size note-book around too and use it to draw and doodle. This could be your new visual diary! Any note book will do. You can stick things in that you like and make drawings and write stories about the things you see every day.

Tips to get you started

  • Find a notebook you can carry around with you.
  • Make doodles of your family, pets and fun things you see around the house and garden.
  • Don’t worry about making everything perfect.
  • Try to draw something new every day or whenever you feel like it.
  • Experiment with using different tools, such as pens, pencils, chalk, collage and crayons.


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If you would like to keep us updated on how your sketchbook is coming along, ask a parent or guardian to take a picture and share it with us. We will post your artwork on our website and Instagram account @modelsligo / #themodelinsideout

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