Become Your Family Historian - Part 2

"This is Your Life"

As an investigative historian an important part of collecting stories is how we record and share them. Not so long ago, we didn’t have phones and technology to record stories like we have today. People used to draw stories and pictures on cave walls and rocks. These can be found in different parts of the world.

Everyone loves telling their story as history is very important to all of us. We even tell stories through songs and poetry. That’s what folk songs are all about. Ask your parents or grandparents what their favourite folk song is?

In Ireland especially, oral story-telling was and still is a very important part of sharing and remembering stories.

If you like drawing, making books or comics, then why not try to make a special  This Is Your Life book for your grandparent.


Listen back to your sound recordings and look at the notes that you took while talking to your grandparents.

Pick out your favourite parts and think about how you would like to share and remember these stories.

Find a blank note book or sketch book that you can use for this.

On the front of the book, you can write the title ‘This is Your Life’. You could even try to make a special cover for it too.

Here are  few tips on how you can make the book:

Draw pictures or make a comic strip of what you think your grandparent’s memories look like, their family, house, pets, school etc.

Write a short story based on a memory that your grandparent told you. Make your grandparents the central characters and use your imagination to fill in any details they left out.

Compose a poem or a song based on your grandparent’s best stories.

Present your special book called ‘This is your Life’ to your grandparents when you can see them again!


This project is inspired by Dr. Tomás Mac Conmara

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